Did you ever tell yourself you need to get in shape before you commit to something you want to do? For example; “I need to get in shape before I start going to the gym.”, or, “I need to get in shape before I hire a personal trainer.” What about, “I need to get in shape before I buy that outfit.” Or bathing suit, or take that trip, or sign up for that class, or… or… or… the list goes on. STOP! What are you waiting for? As the saying goes, “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

Our next days are never guaranteed, and when you wait you are shortchanging yourself of not only that amazing thing you want to do, or wear, but you are shortchanging yourself on LIFE! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure I only have one, and I want it to be as freaking magical, and full of experience, and adventure as it can be. You don’t have to push WAY out of your comfort zone, but you do need to push, 1% at a time and the joy you can unlock is limitless, as are the lessons you will learn. I am speaking from a place of someone who was ALWAYS waiting…

For years I made statements like the ones above. If you know me, that may seem crazy to you. You may be thinking I am so bold, and adventurous, but that IS NOT my nature. When I first embarked on a journey of health, wellness, and fitness I spun my wheels for so long. I never asked for help. I consumed information ravenously but I was too afraid to put it into practice because what if….it didn’t work, I failed, I looked silly or like I didn’t know what I was doing? I stayed so deep in my comfort zone, and guess what changed? NOTHING… not a thing changed, why?

Well, I’d build up so much “knowledge” then thrust myself into extreme uncomfort for as long as I could stand (which, let’s be real was sometimes a day if I was lucky) by over restricting, over exercising, following trends and fads, beating up my body, and certainly NOT loving myself. Then I’d crash SO hard. Feel SO guilty. Then repeat the cycle. I obviously didn’t stay here forever, and thank goodness for the seasons of life, I finally had a swtich in mind one day while buying clothes…after trying on another pair or jeans that juuuuuuuust fit, that I knew I would be so uncomfortable in, buy (spend way too much money on), and probably never wear…

I thought, “Why am I buying clothes for who I want to be? Why not embrace who I am right now and buy clothes that fit and look good on me know?” That seed had been planted while watching some make over show, I am sure, and it just stuck in that moment. I realized if I felt good in my clothes NOW, I’d feel better about everything, and could make some small lifestyle changes with less discomfort. I started adapting similar practices in my wellness. I didn’t have to change my whole day of nutrition, I could start with one meal, or even one part of a meal. I didn’t have to run 6 miles, when I had been doing nothing but sitting on the couch, I just had to walk a half a mile. I didn’t have to meditate in a perfect zen like state for an hour, I could listen to a meditation while I walked! And when I made a mistake, or failed…I stopped beating myself up and I started asking, why? Then making sublet adjustments so I could have repeat SUCCESS and grow it!

I STOPPED waiting for conditions to be perfect, and I started taking small repeatable risks. I opened my heart to other ideas, and ways of being and my whole world transformed. I didn’t have to do it “right”, I just had to start, observe and learn! You can do that too! I have created this amazing program to help gently guide you out of your comfort zone, and those comfort zones are unique to you so this program also has a flexibility built in to make it useful to you and your unique needs! Not some cookie cutter plan that you will rigidly adhere to then fall off hard and fast at the end.

6 Weeks to Strong is a lifestyle revolution! Creating sustainable behavior change and building a solid foundation for future growth. What sets this program apart is the coaching! will guide you through accessible and challenging workouts, no or minimal equipment needed. With daily videos, to follow along to, including how to start, mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery, how to keep going, bonus content, and more! During these six weeks you’ll get unlimited access to me, your coach, via our private, super supportive, EMPOWER community group, with weekly group video meetings, to fine tune the program to your unique goals and needs. It’s 100% scaleable to YOU, where you’re at and where you want to go… you just have to START! Commit as little as 10 minutes a day or turn the volume up!

Past participants have spoken:

“When I signed up I knew that I would be getting workouts/exercise plans, which is what mostly caught my attention, but through the 6W2S I also learned valuable lessons to better my whole entire state of mind mentally physically and spiritually! I was not prepared for learning so much and growing myself in all three aspects but I am so glad I joined and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! The takeaways I learned helped me so much and I am still growing in my self confidence because of the 6W2S program! It was an amazing experience, worth so much more, I’ll never forget, and if you join I promise you won’t regret it!!” – Starr H.

“Love the open, honest dialogue and that Coach always finds the success in what we do-that’s important to not be focused on what was done wrong, but what was done right. I’m grateful to Coach and the other women for sharing their lives, being vulnerable and keeping it real. I’m grateful for, and learned something, from each of them. This was empowering and I thank you!” – Denise L

So, stop waiting and start taking ACTION on the life you want for yourself and if that life includes body composition change, healthier eating that doesn’t feel restrictive, strength for longevity and injury prevention, like minded community and mentor support, and more, this program is for you!

Here is our timeline and some sweet deals to insentivize you to MAKE MOVES:

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March 20th : General Public Early Bird Pre-Sale 20% OFF COUPON CODE = 6W2SEB (SHARE March 20th)

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April 3rd: Full Price Sale

April 17 : Course opens!

April 27 : Course Begins!

I can’t WAIT to see you EMPOWERed,

Christine Bettera
PN L2 Master Coach + ACSM CPT

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