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Power in Practice 2024 retreat was one for the books! It was not all sunshine and monkeys, but there was A LOT of that. Together we literally and figuratively fell down and picked each-other up. We cried hard and laughed even harder. We embraced the light and the dark. As we come home to our “normal” lives it’s important to take some time to download and integrate these practices in a meaningful way! Whether you retreated with us or not, you can use these practices to infuse those warm and fuzzy retreat feel good vibes into your day to day.

Bringing the Retreat Vibes Home: Your Guide to Keeping Wellness Fun and Fresh!

So, you’ve just floated back from a fitness and yoga retreat, feeling like a well-rested Zen master, only to be greeted by the chaos of your daily grind. Fear not! You can keep that post-retreat glow and infuse your everyday life with wellness fun without turning your living room into a yoga studio or your kitchen into a juice bar. Let’s dive into how to keep the retreat magic alive in fun and realistic ways. If you retreated with us, think about our bouquet filled goddess alter, and make it your own.

Embrace Your Inner Child with Your Space

Remember building forts as a kid? Time to channel that energy! Create a little wellness nook in your home that makes you giddy with joy every time you see it. Think fairy lights, comfy pillows, or even a little sign that says “This way to peace and fun.” It doesn’t have to be Pinterest-perfect; it just needs to make you smile and remind you to breathe deeply or stretch it out.

Micro-Moments of Movement

Who said you need an hour to get your fitness on? Integrate micro-dance parties, or mini workouts into your day. Yes, you read that right. Set a timer for every few hours, blast your favorite tunes, and just dance like nobody’s watching, or bust out a few reps. These bursts of joy not only get your heart pumping but also bring a hefty dose of laughter and lightness to your day.

Gamify Your Goals

Turn your wellness goals into a game. Create a bingo card of mini wellness activities like “10 minutes of morning sunlight,” “hydrate with a fancy water concoction,” or “three mindful breaths before email.” Reward yourself with something silly and delightful when you hit a bingo—maybe an extravagant bubble bath or a new workout outfit. The key is to make reaching for wellness as thrilling as hitting the next level in your favorite video game.

Eat the Rainbow—Literally

Transform your meals into a vibrant art project. Challenge yourself to include as many colors as you can in each meal, not just for the health benefits but for the sheer joy of creating something beautiful on your plate. Share your creations with friends or on social media, turning meal prep into a playful show-and-tell.

Yoga Pose Roulette

Write down different yoga poses on pieces of paper and place them in a jar. Each morning, draw a pose and challenge yourself to find creative ways to incorporate it throughout your day. Warrior while waiting for your coffee to brew? Tree pose while brushing your teeth? Why not! It’s about infusing your day with movement and a sense of play.

Find Your Wellness Community

Connect with others who are just as excited about living a joyful, healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s a local meetup or an online forum, sharing experiences, swapping tips, and celebrating each other’s wins can make the wellness journey a thousand times more enjoyable. Plus, laughter is guaranteed to be part of any gathering.

Mindfulness with a Twist

Instead of your standard meditation, try something a bit more unconventional. Ever heard of laughter yoga or dancing meditation? These practices can bring a whole new dimension to mindfulness, emphasizing joy and release over perfect peace and quiet.

Integrating the serene vibes of a retreat into your everyday life doesn’t have to be a solemn endeavor. By injecting fun, creativity, and a dash of whimsy into your wellness practices, you’ll not only keep the retreat spirit alive but also build a lifestyle that’s sustainably joyful and uniquely yours. Remember, wellness is not just about discipline and routines; it’s also about laughter, lightness, and loving the journey.

I have worked hard to create these spaces and points of connection in my own life and I want to share them with you! Whether in our Empower-ed Facebook Community, or in the studio at Tahoe Flow, check out the resources available. Let’s connect and have more fun in our pursuit of wellness.


Coach Christine

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