Holla Empower-ed People,

Hey there! I’m Coach Christine Bettera, and if you’re anything like a recent follower of mine who confided, “I’m just not good at following programs,” then this chat is for you. Let’s face it, sticking to health and fitness programs can be tough, but I’ve got some insider tips and a personal invitation to join a journey that might just change the game for you.

First Things First: Get to Know Yourself

Why do some people breeze through programs while others struggle to keep up? Well, it often boils down to self-awareness. So, let’s start there. Ask yourself, “Why do I find it hard to follow programs?” Are the goals too ambitious? Are the activities not really your cup of tea? Digging into these questions can help pinpoint what might be holding you back. Then, think about what you are good at. We all have our strengths, right? Maybe you’ve nailed projects at work or been the backbone of planning family events. What fueled your fire in those successes? Identifying what keeps you engaged can help us tailor your approach to fitness.

Choosing the Right Fit: It’s Okay to Be Picky

I totally get that group settings or solo missions might not be your jam right now, and that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone thrives in the same environment. If one-on-one support sounds like your path to success, let’s walk it together. Remember, personal coaching isn’t just an option; it’s an opportunity to get the bespoke guidance that can make all the difference.

Here’s where it gets exciting! My 6 to Strong Summer Shred isn’t your run-of-the-mill group program. Yes, it’s a group setup, but here’s the kicker: I am with you every step of the way. Picture this—real coaching, real support, real progress. You’ll have direct access to me, and I’ll be there to guide you, challenge you, and cheer for you. We’ll tackle your goals together, and I’ll make sure you’re not just another face in the crowd.

Asking for Help: Strong People Do It

Let’s bust a myth: asking for help is not a weakness; it’s a powerhouse move. Here’s how you can do it like a pro:

  • Be Clear About What You Need: Help can come in many forms, so knowing what you need is key. Is it motivation? Accountability? Clearer goals?
  • Choose Your Support Crew Wisely: Whether it’s a mentor, a coach, or a tech tool, pick supports that align with your vibe and your vision.
  • Check-In Regularly: Just like you wouldn’t skip a workout (right?!), don’t skip on touching base with your support. Regular check-ins keep the momentum going.

Keepin’ It Real: Do You Want This?

Lastly, it’s gut-check time. Do you really want to achieve your goals? Because if you do, it might mean shaking things up and stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s where real change happens. And trust me, it’s worth it.

Struggling with adherence is totally normal, but with a bit of self-awareness, the right environment, and a truckload of real support, you’re going to be smashing your fitness goals in no time. So, are you ready to join me for 6 Weeks to Strong Summer Shred? Let’s make this summer your strongest yet. Together, we’re unstoppable! Join the VIP list for BIG savings and early bird access!

With Gratitude,

Coach Christine

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