I had the honor to be on Good Morning Reno this morning, bright and early to show and chat about some healthy snacks for back to school!  I chose these recipes because they are quick and easy to make, I am talking 30 minutes of prep for all 3, tops, and no bake or super short bake times.  They provide a big bang for your time, and will leave you with healthy, homemade, grab and go snacks all week long, probably longer.  So ditch the bars, and pre-packaged junk, and have some real food!  These are great for as the kiddos are running out the door in the morning, to put in lunches, or as quick afterschool snacks to fuel them for sports, homework, play and everything in between.   Last but not least, they taste great (which is important for the kids, let’s be real) and they are filled with protein, to keep them fueled and feeling full longer, which will help them make more nutritious choices throughout the day.  Here is where you can find the super quick recipes I shared on the show, and find out about ingredients and more!  Don’t forget to grab the
Protein Mini Muffins
These are my son’s favorite, and they are quickly becoming a staple in our house.  Grab the recipe here and the I use to make them .  Bake time is 10 minutes, you cannot beat it!
protein pop-tart
Protein Pop Tart
These literally take 2 minutes to make and they are such a great grab and go snack you can get creative with.  Find this recipe .
energy balls
Gluten Free Energy Balls
​Find this quick and easy, bake free and satisfying recipe here.
healthy lunch options

Remember that with a good lunch box and an ice pack no food is unavailable, you do not need to turn to processed foods out of convenience or storage worries.  With a little extra work on the front end you can provide you kiddos with delicious,  and nutritious foods inexpensively and in little time.  Some of my personal favorites that require no prep or baking are veggies, the more colorful the better, if you are really short on time you can even buy them pre cut.  Pair those with a healthy fat, like natural sun butter, or hummus.  Another great pairing is a non-fat or low fat cheese stick and a piece of fruit.  Fruits like bananas, and oranges are great as they come in their own earth friendly container!  Kids will follow your lead, they should eat what you eat, so remember to set a good example and practice what you preach.  When your plate is diverse and colorful, so will theirs be.  Include them in preparation of these snacks and in meal planning and prep, and having a say in what you are making as well as ownership in the process will encourage them to explore foods they may otherwise not eat, enjoy the process, and make it more likely they will actually eat the foods your prepare!  Win win!

Watch my whole spiel here: ​https://www.kolotv.com/video?vid=547397702

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energy balls

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