Summer Sizzle Sale! Save Big on Summer Fitness

Holla Empowered People! Summer is in full swing, and I couldn't be more excited about the adventures and opportunities it brings. This season, I'm planning to immerse myself in the beauty of nature and take some time to recharge and explore. One of the highlights on my adventure list is a trip to Glacier National Park. The stunning landscapes, serene lakes, and majestic mountains are calling my name, and I [...]

Stay Fit & Have a Blast: Your Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Family Vacation!

Hey Empowered Family, Summer is finally here, and it’s time to pack those bags and head out for some family fun! But wait, who says you can't stay fit and make healthy choices while you're on vacation? Here are some exciting tips to keep you active, healthy, and full of energy while exploring new destinations! Human-Powered Sightseeing Adventures Why just see the sights when you can experience them? [...]

Power of Personal Connection and Community on Your Health, Wellness, and Fitness Journey

Hey Empowered Community! Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey of health, wellness, and fitness? Buckle up, because we're in this together! I know that the power of personal connection and community can transform your journey. Together, we'll support each other, conquer challenges, and celebrate every victory! Get Ready for "A Day of Healing Arts" on June 15th! I am beyond excited to invite you to [...]


How to Stick with It When “Sticking with It” Feels Impossible

Holla Empower-ed People, Hey there! I’m Coach Christine Bettera, and if you’re anything like a recent follower of mine who confided, “I’m just not good at following programs,” then this chat is for you. Let’s face it, sticking to health and fitness programs can be tough, but I’ve got some insider tips and a personal invitation to join a journey that might just change the game for you. First [...]

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Dance, Stretch, and Strengthen: Discover a Healthier You with Our Community!

Holla Empower-ed People, In a world dominated by fitness influencers and their flawlessly curated social media feeds, it's easy to feel overwhelmed rather than inspired. These online personas often showcase an idealized version of health and fitness that may seem unattainable or disconnected from everyday realities. If scrolling through these seemingly perfect lifestyles leaves you more intimidated than motivated, it might be time to shift your focus from the influencer [...]


Maximize Your Fitness Potential: Why Choosing the Right Coach Matters!

Holla Empower-ed People, A few weeks ago, for World Health Day, we talked about what to look for when seeking out a health coach and focused on my philosophy. I chose this as the most relatable topic, especially in today's world of influencers. But it's also incredibly valuable to know a coach's credentials, and experience, as well as their coaching philosophy. Today, I'd like to breach the less sexy topics [...]

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Embark on Our Next Wellness Adventure: The “Outlive” Book Club Journey!

Dear Wellness Enthusiasts, As I ease back into our routine after our rejuvenating retreat in Panama, I'm filled with a renewed zeal to enhance wellness in both my life and the lives of my clients. Reflecting on the recent conclusion of our "Hidden Potential" Book Club last Saturday, I'm thrilled by the fun we had and the significant progress we made together. The unique learning experience fostered by our book [...]

Time to Snuggle and Download, Bringing the Retreat Vibes Home!

Holla Empower-ed People! Power in Practice 2024 retreat was one for the books! It was not all sunshine and monkeys, but there was A LOT of that. Together we literally and figuratively fell down and picked each-other up. We cried hard and laughed even harder. We embraced the light and the dark. As we come home to our "normal" lives it's important to take some time to download and integrate [...]

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Let’s get away!

Cast your vote for Power in Practice 2025! VIP Access As Yogini Julz (@jzyogini) and I prepare to embark on our Panama retreat adventure I have been thinking a lot about the benefits of busting out of a rut and doing a little wellness retreat travel. I have had many of these experiences over the years, and I have learned to plan them and seek them out as way [...]

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Empowered Mind Book Club – Outlive

"Learning requires the humility to admit what you don't know today." - Adam Grant Join Coach Christine on this 7 week journey exploring your longevity, as she guides you through thoughtful discussion on this #1 NY Times Bestseller - Outlive, by Peter Attia. Together we will explore how aging and longevity are far more malleable than we think. With the right roadmap, you can plot a different path for your [...]

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